Cannot run epilepsy example

I tried running the epilepsy example

prior1 <- prior(normal(0,10), class = b) +
  prior(cauchy(0,2), class = sd)
fit1 <- brm(count ~ zAge + zBase * Trt + (1|patient),
            data = epilepsy, family = poisson(), prior = prior1)


Error in get(ctr, mode = "function", envir = parent.frame()) : 
  object 'contr.none' of mode 'function' was not found

Version is

> packageVersion('brms')
[1] ‘2.18.0’

It seems related to the factor ‘Trt’ .

What am I missing?

Solved… Quit from R (from Rstudio) and restarted and the brm model above is fitted. Even better my job ran as well.

There may have been a conflict with other packages, penalized, rstanarm and betareg.