Cannot replicate a matrix in paramter block

Hi There,

I am trying to devleop a multiple bayesian change model according to the stan manual:

However in my stan model, as I am trying to define a matrix for log_p = rep_matrix(-log(N),N); the stan gaves me error that “No Match for available argument signature for rep_matrix”. However I checked both manual and the tutrial which they used this function. Could you help me why I give this error?

transformed parameters {
      matrix[N,N] log_p;
      real mu;
      real sigma;
      log_p = rep_matrix(-log(N),N);
      for (tau in 1:N)
       for(tau2 in 1:N){
        for (i in 1:N) {
          mu = i < tau ? (mu1 * x[i] + gamma1) :(i < tau2 ?(mu2 * x[i] + gamma2):(mu3 * x[i] + gamma3));
          sigma = i < tau ? sigma1 : (i < tau2 ? sigma2:sigma3);
          log_p[tau,tau2] = log_p[tau,tau2] + normal_lpdf(y[i] | mu, sigma);

If you’re using rep_matrix() to fill a matrix with a single scalar value (i.e., -log(N)), you need to provide both the number of rows and the number of columns that you want to create:

log_p = rep_matrix(-log(N), N, N);
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Thank you very much andrew. It is now working

Dear Andrew, so in the stan manual this should be correcet. beacuse it seems that they forgot to correctly use rep_matrix(***, N, N) as you kindly mentions here

Which section of the manual are you referring to? Because if you pass a vector or row-vector to rep_matrix(), then only one size is needed

I read this section which i immagine it is not a vector

Yep that’s a typo, thanks for catching!

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