Can Stan be added to stackshare? is a popular website where startups and scaleups post what tools they’re using. I wanted to add Stan to the stack of the company I work for, and I couldn’t, because Stan isn’t one of the tools they know about! Should it be submited?

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@breckbaldwin Do you know anything about StackShare?

Yes it should be submitted and I did it for you =)

If you need any changes please let me know or email me direct: jdorfman at stackshare .io

cc @anon75146577


Cool! Thanks!

I had a look around the site and read the linked news articles, read terms of use but stopped shy of signing up because the terms of use had indemnification which as exec dir I should not agree to without serious consultation. Do @seantalts, @syclik, @Bob_Carpenter have any opinions?


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@breckbaldwin I/we will be more than happy to address any concerns here or whatever communications channel you feel most comfortable. =)

Doesn’t appear to require our permission

Thanks @jdorfman! Can you please add that it also integrates with R?

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I have been going back and forth with @Stephen_Martin on Twitter. I’m having trouble finding the right Category. Can you suggest one? I am willing to create a new one if needed. Thanks!

I think we should stay away from indemnification. I don’t see what you’re referring to on the site, but I didn’t look far.

Who uses this stackshare thing? And who decides what counts as a piece of, say, Uber’s back end?

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I looked around the site quite a bit and read the “news” about them and it seems like place to share common architectures/stacks to solve problems at a more macro scale–if you remember the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, ??PhP??, ??Perl??, ??Python??), this is the modern day list of packages that work together. It is nuts how many packages there are out there these days.

We have been included by their staff I believe. I did reach out to @jdorfman but no response. So I didn’t sign us up for obvious reasons like indemnification.


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@Bob_Carpenter great question. In terms of Uber, one of their employees verified all of the tools in their stack. He even added context to some of them:

A lot of companies are linking to their Stack in job listings so they are motivated to keep it up to date. With that said, some stacks do go stale.

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Stan the tool was added. The company/organization was not. That would have to be done by a member of the company/organization in order to claim it. If someone did add it (cybersquat) a mod can fix it =)

I don’t think our own development stack usage is particularly interesting. It’s just a bunch of test machines running makefiles or Python test scripts on Jenkins and Travis under Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. There’s a lot of C++, R, and Python.

At a lower level, our Python and R and C++ code imports other Python, R, and C++ packages, but we try to minimize dependencies as much as possible, at least in C++ (only depending on Eigen, Sundials, and Boost, and probably TBB soon).


You would be surprised how many find it interesting. If you are looking to get more eyeballs on the project, it definitely won’t hurt.

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You’re right. I would be.

I don’t mind if someone adds our “stack” as boring as it is:

  • Jenkins, Travis, CircleCI, GitHub, make

Everything else we use is either a language

  • C++, Python, R, Julia, Matlab, Stata, Mathematica

a tool for compiling a language:

  • clang++, gcc

or a library we import in C++:

  • C++: googletest, Eigen, Boost, Sundials

We also import a lot of libs in R and Python, but I don’t know what those are.

Awesome! I added your stack here:

I also made you (@Bob_Carpenter) an admin of Stan on StackShare so feel free to add/remove tools. You can also add other team members here:

There are a few tools that we need to approve, I will get someone on that. One they are approved they will appear in your stack =)

Thanks for adding us.

The judges give us 1 out of 4 stars and label us as “basic.” That’s one step short of “interesting” and two steps short of “cool”. If I cared about having a cool dev ops stack, I might be offended.

I don’t know where Echo came from. As far as I know, we’re not using anything from Go. But it doesn’t look like I can edit our stack (or maybe I just can’t figure it out from the site).


Hey Bob, try this (from the drop down).

We should make that more visible.

That was frustratingly difficult to navigate, so I gave up before adding the rest of our tools.

Anything you interact with then asks you to “save” is going to probelmatic for users used to more modern web apps.

I can’t tell what tools exist and tried to add them then they kept disappearing.