Can I just ignore this message when I am sampling in STAN

I got this message when I began my MCMC:

I have no clue why I received this message and I am not sure if this would influence the MCMC sampling process.

Has anyone else got a similar message before?

My guess is: You have spatstat loaded into your R session.
Then you’re (I’m guessing) on Windows.

Upon loading, spatstat seems to overwrite some other method in your environment.
Because you’re on windows, parallel chains must be executed in new R sessions; each of those sessions are in turn also loading spatstat, and each are causing that message to return.

In sum: This isn’t a Stan thing per se. I think you are using parallel chains on windows, and each parallel process is loading the spatstat package, which overwrites some method. This is not something to be concerned about.


I loaded the surveillance package before loaded rstan. Perhaps that explains it. Thanks!