C2d4u PPA release file for Ubuntu 21.04

I am having trouble installing rstan on my Linux OS PC, because, I’ve not been able to add the c2d4u PPA release file for ubuntu 21.04.

I am not sure c2d4u is a required or even recommended way of installing rstan on Linux. Is there some reason why installing via R directly- as shown at RStan Getting Started · stan-dev/rstan Wiki · GitHub is not an option for you?

Martin, I checked and it seems the instructions actually recommend c2d4u:

if one uses Ubuntu. I wish I had the time now, which I don’t…, but someone should go through the instructions and check that everything works…

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Oh, my bad. Sorry for any confusion. Installing from source, should however still be a viable option if one has trouble with c2d4u, right?

yeah, I would assume :) Haven’t tried the linux installation procedure in a while. However, I have 100 students in a class now and many of them used Linux. Only people with peculiar flavors of Linux stumbled into issues.

The c2d4u process is a little tricky because it only provides packages for ubuntu LTS versions. I’ve updated the linux install instructions to handle the differences


Those using non-LTS Ubuntu versions (e.g hirsute 21.04) will have to manually add the c2d4u PPA release file using the LTS versions release file e.g Focal 20.04. will give the entire process another try and update you on the result. Thanks!

The c2d4u process isn’t compatible with non-LTS versions (hirsute at least), as the package dependencies cannot be satisfied.

As you experienced before, r-cran-v8 depends on libnode64, but this package is not available past focal. So users on non-LTS ubuntu will need to install rstan through R, rather than the c2d4u ppa