Bimodal case with banana-shaped posterior

Hi folks,

I have a 2D bimodal posterior distribution and I’m trying to sample from this posterior.
Your help would be gratefully appreciated if you could guide me whether there is any way i could sampling from both modes using Stan.

Here is the model information:
Given two correlated Gaussian random variables, u1 and u2 with zero mean, unit variance and correlation coefficient rho equal to 0.9, consider the following transformation:

x = u1* a
y = (u2/a)+b*(u1^2+a^2)
where a = 1.15 and b=0.5.

I used the standard normal bivariate distribution “z” as my prior.
and i believe I’ve done all of the transformations correctly.

I used 8 different chains for my simulation.
The problem is that in all chains, it is just sampling from one mode at the time and cannot sample from both modes together.

I would gratefully appreciate it if you could guide me in this regard.
I attach the simulation results for 8 chains as well. (The plot axis are “x” and “y” variables and the curve line in plot is the “g” function)
Here is my Stan code:

vector[2] mu;
matrix[2, 2] Sigma;
real a;
real b;
matrix[2, 2] L;
real J;

parameters {
vector[2] z;

transformed parameters {
// z is bivariarte standard normal, u is correlated bivariate normal and L is lower triangular Cholesky matrix.
vector[2] u = L*z;
real x = a * u[1];
real y = (u[2]/a) + (b * (u[1]^2+(a^2)));
real g = (10^2) - (0.5 * (x+y)^2) - (((x-y)^2)/0.5);

model {
//prior (Bivariate standard normal)
z ~ multi_normal(mu, Sigma);
target += normal_lpdf(g | 0,0.15)

// J is Jacobian transformation but it has constant value.
target += log(J);

generated quantities {
int I = 0;
real gg = (10^2) - (0.5 * (x+y)^2) - (((x-y)^2)/0.5);
if (gg <= 0) I = 1;

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.


I am not an expert but Stan may not be the best tool for this problem. You may want to try using Multinest which uses Multi-Modal Nested Sampling. Since you’re only working in 2 dimensions it should work very well.

Thank you very much for your comment.
I will definitely take a look at the Multinest.
But, I think there is a way to sample from both modes even in Stan. It is related to the modeling part.


If you have a good idea of where the second mode is you could try manually setting the initialization.

Yes, that can be true.
But, i already tried different initial values and it cannot sample from both modes simultaneously in a chain.

@Istagner is right—there’s nothing in Stan that can help with this problem. We are working on some things.

The banana shape itself is problematic as it will likely be arising from some kind of multiplicative non-identifiability.