Bernoulli model with many LOO-PIT values at 1

I implemented a RL model in Stan. The model uses a TD-learning mechanism to compute a choice probability theta for each trial. Observations (choices) are in turn sampled with y ~ bernoulli(theta).

MCMC diagnostics look good and parameter estimates look reasonable. However, when I check the model using loo I observe some serious miscalibration:

My understanding is that the above indicates that the model’s predictive density is over-dispersed compared to the data. And when I look at the QQ plot, I see this:

There are many LOO-PIT values of 1. I am not sure what to make of this. Has anyone encountered an anomaly like this before? Does anyone have any ideas about what could cause this?

Thank you for your time…

However, a comment from @avehtari on a related post suggests that these plots are not valid for discrete models. So, perhaps I should ignore this.

Yes, the current implementation of LOO-PIT is not correct for discrete and we’re working on a correct implementation. In addition even the discrete LOO-PIT is not very good for binary target. See instead Section 4.4 in
for how to evaluate calibration for Bernoulli model.

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