As.mcmc function deprecated

Just got a warning message saying that as.mcmc.brmsfit is deprecated and will eventually be removed. What is replacing it? I can’t see it in the as.mcmc.brmsfit help.

Hi. I’m not 100% sure of the answer, but since you aren’t getting other more authoritative responses I’ll give you my best guess (which I think is pretty likely). My guess is that the intention is to steer users away from the coda package altogether in favor of posterior, which is generally good advice.

It was deprecated over 2 years ago, but it seems Paul forgot to add the preferred function to the as.mcmc.brmsfit doc. The same file defines posterior_samples.brmsfit and that doc has the correct information

We recommend using the more modern and consistent ‘as_draws_*’ extractor functions of the ‘posterior’ package instead.

posterior package is awesome, and you can read more at Tools for Working with Posterior Distributions • posterior

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