throwing error with ELPDData

So i’m trying to use to visually compare some fitting.
For each model, some different data sets can be fitted, so i’m trying to compare only data sets shared by all models.
With this, I have the pointwise ELPD data from each model, which I thought I could pass onto ( — ArviZ dev documentation) as the API guide states it can take ELPD data.

However, it throws this error:

I was wondering if I’m misunderstanding the API guide, or how works - can anyone help?

Thank you

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This option is quite recent so my guess is that you don’t have a recent enough version, note that you are reading the development version docs. I did a quick check and you need at least version 0.12.0


Side note: we are moving the documentation from to where you will have simultaneously docs for multiple ArviZ versions available from the version switcher at the bottom right of the page

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thank you!