Anyone going to MIT SSAC 2022 or in Boston and want to meet up?

I’ll be in Boston starting Wednesday (3/2) for the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. I’m participating in the hackathon and will use Stan for modeling!

If anyone is around and wants to meet up, I’ll be hanging out somewhere on Thursday night. Send me a dm or something.


Not going, but sounds cool! Maybe you’ll run into Darryl Morey. Are you doing any NBA stuff? I have some Stan code somewhere modeling player skills and game spread outcomes. Also, some really old Stan code somewhere modeling latent career skill trajectories.

They sent us NHL tracking data from the 2020 Stanley Cup Finals. I did end up running into Daryl Morey again. I exchanged emails with him before heading to NYC to work with Andrew.

We won! I’ll post up a full write-up soon. I ended up writing a logistic regression in Stan. 😭


Congrats! Looking forward to seeing the write-up.

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