ANN: docker image with cmdstan

I needed a minimal Docker image with CmdStan for unit testing, and found the the existing ones were abandonned and/or lacking a CI setup themselves (sorry if I missed something), so I put together

Docker image:

The image is tested with CI on Travis (for compilation of the example model). It is based on debian:jessie with only the necessary extras installed, including a working compiler toolchain.


very cool. works on my (virtual) machine.
many thanks!

Minor updates:

  • update to use the amazing new Stan 2.20.0 release
  • base the image on Debian/buster
  • (technical: integrate into Docker’s build, CI and publishing mechanism)

This looks great. You may want to consider to include this commit into the docker file:

Otherwise stan models which use cvodes (bdf ode solver) would not work. It’s a one-line change to the make/program file.

I prefer to work from the released versions as is, and I am assuming that there will be a patch release with this fix. Then I will of course update the image.