Add_criterion with moment_match=TRUE failing even when save_pars(all=TRUE) was set during model fit

I fit an ordinal regression model with brms and ran loo using add_criterion. This returned 132 observations with pareto k values greater than 0.7 (out of 217,883 observations). I had fit the model with save_pars(all=TRUE), so I re-ran loo with moment matching, but got the following error: Error in if (quantities_i$ki < ki) { : missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed.

I don’t know what this means and haven’t found a discussion of this error. I’ve included my code and the warnings and errors below, along with session information. I can’t provide a reproducible example, as the data set is not shareable and too large in any case, but please let me know if there is additional information that would be helpful to have.

I don’t think multiple refits with reloo will be a realistic option, as this model took about 2.7 hours to fit, it is much simpler than the models I actually want to fit, and the data set I actually want to use is larger. Is there a way I can get moment matching to work?


# Model formula
form = course.grade ~ instruction.mode + incoming.gpa + 
 (1| + (1|

# Set priors = 13
threshold.priors = qlogis(cumsum(rep(1/,[1:(] %>% 
                            round(., 3)
threshold.priors = map_df(seq_along(threshold.priors), 
                          ~prior_string(paste0("normal(",threshold.priors[.x],", 1)"), 
                                        class="Intercept", coef=.x))

priors = c(prior(normal(0,0.5), class="b"),
           prior(normal(0,1), class="b", coef="incoming.gpa"),
# Fit model
m = brm(data = mdat, file="models/learning-mode/two-terms/tt1",
        family = cumulative(link="logit", threshold="flexible"),
        formula = form, prior = priors,
        chains = 3, cores = 3, threads=threading(3),
        backend="cmdstanr", sample_prior=TRUE, save_pars=save_pars(all=TRUE))

m = add_criterion(m, criterion="loo", moment_match=FALSE)

Automatically saving the model object in ‘models/learning-mode/two-terms/tt1.rds’
Warning messages:
1: The global prior ‘student_t(3, 0, 2.5)’ of class ‘Intercept’ will not be used in the model as all related coefficients have individual priors already. If you did not set those priors yourself, then maybe brms has assigned default priors. See ?set_prior and ?get_prior for more details.
2: Found 132 observations with a pareto_k > 0.7 in model ‘model’. It is recommended to set ‘moment_match = TRUE’ in order to perform moment matching for problematic observations.

Computed from 3000 by 217883 log-likelihood matrix

          Estimate    SE
elpd_loo -373018.3 497.2
p_loo      27621.2  72.0
looic     746036.6 994.3
Monte Carlo SE of elpd_loo is NA.

Pareto k diagnostic values:
                         Count  Pct.    Min. n_eff
(-Inf, 0.5]   (good)     215836 99.1%   186       
 (0.5, 0.7]   (ok)         1915  0.9%   68        
   (0.7, 1]   (bad)         130  0.1%   88        
   (1, Inf)   (very bad)      2  0.0%   15        
See help('pareto-k-diagnostic') for details.
# Given the warnings above, redo loo with moment_match=TRUE
m = add_criterion(m, criterion="loo", moment_match=TRUE, overwrite=TRUE)

Recompiling the model with ‘rstan’
Recompilation done
Error in if (quantities_i$ki < ki) { :
missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
In addition: Warning message:
The global prior ‘student_t(3, 0, 2.5)’ of class ‘Intercept’ will not be used in the model as all related coefficients have individual priors already. If you did not set those priors yourself, then maybe brms has assigned default priors. See ?set_prior and ?get_prior for more details.
Error: Moment matching failed. Perhaps you did not set ‘save_pars = save_pars(all = TRUE)’ when fitting your model? If you are running moment matching on another machine than the one used to fit the model, you may need to set recompile = TRUE.

Session Info

Macbook Pro M1 Max, Ventura 13.2.1
R 4.2.2
loo 2.6.0

[1] ‘2.19.0’

[1] ‘2.26.13’

[1] ‘2.26.13’

[1] ‘0.5.2’

[1] ‘2.31.0’
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Just bumping this to see if anyone has a suggestion on how to resolve my question. I’m finding that loo with moment matching fails with ordinal models that have random effects, even though I’ve set save_pars(all=TRUE). I also filed an issue with a reproducible example on the loo github repo, but haven’t gotten any responses.

Hi joels,

I was wondering if you resolved this issue. I’m also using brms for an ordinal regression and when I try to set a random intercept based on respondent, moment_match = TRUE fails and I can’t get it to work.

I haven’t resolved this issue. @avehtari do you know if this is a bug in loo, or if there’s a workaround for this error? I filed an issue at the loo repo that includes a reproducible example.

I don’t know, but pinging @jonah if he would have time to check this

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This is coming from loo/R/loo_moment_matching.R at 2fec3c006e52dca504f27e7870d121706272a567 · stan-dev/loo · GitHub, which @topipa is most familiar with. I just tagged him over at the GitHub issue.


This may be fixed now on the master branch of the loo repo after @topipa’s PR #224

Thanks Jonah. I reinstalled loo from github and I tried to moment match two ways, as add_criterion and by setting the moment_match in the loo() function. Both of them abort the current R session.

Here’s an example code:

bay.jag1.5 ← brm(
formula = jag_pop ~ 1 + (1|Name) + past_harm_jags + habitat_protection + Protecting_hunting + RNSC,
data = bayes_data,
family = cumulative(“probit”),
chains = 4,
iter = 10000,
prior(normal(0, 5),
class = Intercept),
init = “0”,
m5loo ← loo(bay.jag1.5, moment_match = TRUE)

I’ve also tried:
add_criterion(bay.jag1.5, criterion = “loo”, moment_match = TRUE)

and got the same result.

Matt, I had a similar problem and posted it at the github issue I opened. After reinstalling R, stanHeaders 2.26 and rstan 2.26 (as described here), based on @topipa’s suggestion, I was able to get loo with moment matching to complete without error. However, the loo results were exactly the same with and without moment matching and took 393 times as long to run (2.73 hours vs. 25 seconds on my Mac M2 Max). I’m not sure if this is expected, so I posted a follow-up query on github.

Can you try reinstalling rstan-related packages and let us know (1) if you’re able to get moment matching to work, and (2) if so, whether including moment matching changes your loo results?

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Hi Joel,

I uninstalled and reinstalled all rstan related packages according to the instructions and reinstalled. R still aborts when running with the moment match. This only happens when running the moment_match on two models, and succeeds on three others. I suspect that the two models that don’t run are too complex for my small dataset. I think I’m going to use k-fold-CV like in this tutorial: Roaches cross-validation demo