Exposing quadratic optimizer


I’m trying to expose a higher-order function (the quadratic optimizer with linear constraints, see https://github.com/stan-dev/stan/issues/2556). I followed closely what was done for algebra_solver and then ran an already existing unit test, using:

./runTests.py src/test/unit/lang/parser/matrix_functions_test.cpp

The goal was to see if the code would compile. It doesn’t. The error message is in the attached file was return. error_message.txt (103.5 KB)

Ok. Both errors point to the same line of code, which I wrote: term_grammar_def.hpp:287:9: As far as I can tell, this line is fine and the error lies somewhere else. I’m not quiet sure where and how to look. After going through the files I made a few corrections, but none that fixed the above error. Note there is a total of 21 edited files.

Does anyone more familiar with the language parser have an idea about what may be causing the error? Thank you!