Tagging people in unanswered questions

@ChrisChiasson thanks for bringing this up and thanks to @martinmodrak for responding quickly!

The sheet now only shows those who opted in, the list of topics is now stored privately. Thanks for bringing this up.


Hey @martinmodrak! I didn’t really have time to be active here in the last 2 weeks… so first of all: congratulations to your new position! :) When they announced that there will be this job I immediately thought of you. Also thanks for sharing your thoughts on the community and the role you want to take up - I strongly support everything you’ve said!

You can also add me to the list of volunteers. Topics could be: general modelling, hierarchical modeling/reparametrization, GLMs, priors (basic questions), and maybe econometrics if there is a need (mainly selection models ala Heckman and panel models), no brms :(
…feel free to simplify this list ;)


You can add for me topics: GPs, sparse matrices, convergence diagnostics, approximate inference such as ADVI and Laplace

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@martinmodrak I’d be happy to help with unanswered questions about ecological modeling in general, as well as the following particular model classes:

  • occupancy models
  • capture-recapture models
  • N-mixture models
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I think the spreadsheet has stopped updating.

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Oh, thanks for noticing. For stupid reasons it needs manual input at least every 2000 posts and I forgot to check it, should be fixed now (we didn’t even lose any data).

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