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Let me just link this thread to the O2 vs O3 thread: -O2 vs -O3 compiler optimization level


FYI - I recently updated my Sierra MBP to High Sierra, to find command line tools no longer worked. I ran the terminal command above to no avail. Ultimately, it would not work until I ran the full Xcode app and clicked accept on the Apple Terms and Conditions. So, I could be wrong, but I don’t think you can avoid installing the whole app and accepting the T’s & C’s, unless there is some trick I’m not aware of (very possible).


I’m coming into this conversation a bit late, is the idea for this that we’d start using this RTools-mac script for our recommended RStan install?


Yes, if it actually works across all versions of the OS that we care about (or if we define which versions of the OS we care about based on whether this works with them). It is intended to be bug-for-bug compatible with what CRAN does and that is claimed to work for OS version 10.11 and later.


Each Xcode CLI version is keyed to an OS version. Everytime you upgrade the operating system, a new version of Xcode CLI must be downloaded. What happened is the installer updated your version of the CLI tools. Hence, you had to agree to the terms.

There is no way we can escape accepting terms on an upgrade that is triggered from the App Store.

With this being said, that leads us to the second portion of the comment CLI-based “install” or “upgrade”.

You can avoid accepting the T&C. This is called a headless install. This works for any installer package on macOS. The exact routine the installer uses can be found here:

NB The routine is based off of work done by Tim Sutton.

In a nutshell, it extracts out the OS version information, downloads the appropriate CLI, and then installs it. No T&C pop up; however, legally, you do agree to the Xcode CLI License under the “License” portion of the installer with the license from the two components also included (e.g. clang4 and gfortran).


Ah I see. Apologies for my misinformation so! Thanks for setting me straight


Folks, with the release of R 3.5.0, the toolchain for macOS changes once more from clang4 to clang6. They still use gfortran 6.1 though.


Thanks. The next rstan is going to require R >= 3.4.0. Is it going to be possible for Mac users to install clang4 for R < 3.5.0 using your installer?


@bgoodri Yes. Please use this link:

Going forward, I’ll increase the version of macos-rtools. But, I should note that R 3.5.0 changes the compile toolchain once more (in particular, we now have clang6).

Note: v1.1.0 is the last version of macos-rtools that targets the 3.4.x line.