Rstan installation troubles

Yeah, I don’t think its specific to RStudio. I don’t even think its specific to Windows 11. As I mentioned, my laptop runs Windows 11, and installing RTools and rstan for source worked perfectly fine without any complications whatsoever.

Something has gone wrong specifically on this PC. Whatever has gone wrong is not being corrected with simple install/reinstall.

If I knew it would definitely fix the problem, I’m open the idea of completely uninstalling windows and starting again. But, I don’t want to risk going through all that hassle for it to still fail for some other reason.

Do you know of any documentation that describes how to remove ALL traces of R, RStudio and RTools from your computer? IE no lingering files left behind hidden in documents that simply uninstalling sometimes misses.

Sorry, I am usually working under linux and try to avoid Windows as much as possible. :)
But, AFAIK, on pretty much any operating system it is a problem to delete all traces of a program. One can typically erase everything on the system side, but if that program created anything in user space (e.g. private libraries into which R packages are installed if one is not allowed to change the system library) is usually missed. Uninstall programs would have no idea which users all used the software and/or where they installed these user space files.

No problem. Yeah, that is what I figured too. I just can’t think what else I can actually try aside from a full OS reinstallation, which seems a dramatic solution for a relatively simple issue. A solution which isn’t even guaranteed to work…

Thanks for providing the advice you have anyhow. I don’t want to take any more of your time, but if you had any other ideas or knew of any good documentation for thoroughly checking Rtools configuration I’d be keen to hear.