Rstan function sampling(): how to set open_progress=FALSE globally?

I am running rstan and brms code inside a bookdown document. The book is being compiles from the terminal command line in Catalina (Mac OS X). When the book compiles, it pushes out temporary files that pop up on my browser, so that after a complete compilation I have dozens of such popped up windows. I know that there is a command (sampling()) in rstan that for a specific model can switch off these messages.

My question is, how can I globally (for my entire document) prevent these temporary files from ever being generated?

Basically I want to do:

sampling(m, open_progress=FALSE)

by default for all models, not for each model m. Actually, these files are popping up when using brms, which is using rstan I assume.

The above was never an issue for me until I had to quit using RStudio due to the issues with parallel that have recently come up in connection with R 4.0.


did you try silent = TRUE, open_progress=FALSE, show_messages=FALSE?

You mean

rstan_options(silent = TRUE, open_progress=FALSE,show_messages=FALSE)

I’ll try it. Will need to delete cache and start over. I’ll do this the next time I need to recompile all over again, all this is slowing me down too much right now so I won’t try it again right away. But thanks for the idea.

You can change the so called formals of any r function in your r profile, for example.

Those are manageable. Does

not work for you?

No, this is not working for me, even after upgrading to Catalina.