Problems with crashing R session

That is for the RcppEigen package, not your R installation as a whole.

That command referenced the same file as the earlier post, which you can verify by trying to run the command again:


Got it.

So the problem may be in the file.

Because the output of the given command is

Error in file (con, "r"): unable to open the connection
In addition: Warning message:
In file (with, "r"):
   could not open file 'D: / Users / Carlos Zarzar / Documents / .R /': No such file or directory

Well in summary. I must change the operating system from Windows to Linux which will probably solve my problem, right?

Hello guys.

Apparently, I believe the problem is really in RStudio because I run (the example is given from Problems with crashing R session) on R-base software (R root) and the stan program works without any crashing RStudio session. And I can say that it runs even faster than RStudio.

Some discussions on the subject can also be found on the Github RStudio forum Rstudio consistently-but-randomly slowing down & crashing when viewing Stan files · Issue #9055 · rstudio/rstudio · GitHub

I have this issue on all three of my Windows laptops. I’ve found no solution so far except to restart R after each run (.rs.restartR())