Problem running devtools::install() on simple rstan-based package


That isn’t particularly nasty and none of them should be a problem with the compilers available on a Mac but CRAN policy prevents quashing compiler warnings via flags.



Hi bgoodri,

Just wanted to ask: is there a rough timeline as to when the branch of rstantools you recommended to me will be merged into master and therefore be on CRAN?




Thanks @bgoodri @Voltemand. This thread has been incredibly helpful. I followed the above instructions, installing rstantools as suggested
devtools::install_github(“stan-dev/rstantools”, ref = “c3c59fb”)

We’re re-building a package that’s already on CRAN, and I realized it’s in a bit of limbo. The package passes most checks ok ( but for re-submitting to CRAN using this developmental version of rstantools, I don’t think we can use Remotes in the DESCRIPTION file. Example thread on this is

Any tips on how to proceed would be hugely appreciated. Thanks!