Error when running brms / wrong PATH?

Can somebody explain to me please in a simple language what path should be in Sys.getenv(‘PATH’) command and how to change it permanently?

I faced the issues with running Bayesian models using package brms on Mac (I downloaded package rstan and fixed C++ compiler and installed Xcode, all that seems to work fine). Here (Error occurred during calling the sampler) I read that PATH should be changed if models with brms are not compiled ( I have the same problem as discussed there) but I don’t understand how it should look like for me. Sys.getenv(‘PATH’) right now gives me directory inside Postgres SQL which I guess is wrong (I worked earlier with postgres database).

Sys.getenv(‘PATH’) [1] “/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/Applications/”

Sorry, your question fell through a bit. I am not myself a Mac user myself, but I’ll tag @torkar and @bgoodri. Some important things: I think the instructions differ between R 3.6 and R 4.0, which version of R and RTools are you using?

Sorry, I missed this post completely. @Svetlana_Ko, go to this post:

and download install.txt, change the name to install.html, and open it in your browser. There you will find step by step instructions for installing rstan on OS X depending on R version.

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