Compilation error in one dimensional integration in Rstan

It’s the same for me on g++ (Debian 8.3.0-2) 8.3.0.

Try again

Didn’t change anything…

Once again


Thanks, now it works! I was going to check if I can get the vi diagnostic to RStan (already works with CmdStan), but need to continue with that tomorrow.

When calling:

I unfortunately get the following error:

Error in git2r::clone("", file.path(path_rstan,  : 
Error in 'git2r_clone': failed to stat 'C:/Users/brillems/AppData/Local/Temp/RtmpYl93wK/git2r-14f811ab7fa3/StanHeaders/inst/include/mathlib/lib/boost_1.69.0/doc/html/boost_asio/reference/async_result_lt__std__packaged_task_lt__Result_lp_Args_ellipsis__rp__gt__comma__Signature__gt_/completion_handler_type.html': The filename or extension is too long.

I tried changing the line

path_rstan <- tempfile(pattern = "git2r-")

in the source code to

path_rstan <- tempfile(pattern = "g2r-", tmpdir = "C:\\Tmp")

so that the temporary directory was as abbreviated as possible, but it still fails. It appears Windows can’t handle the outrageously long filenames that boost wants to use?