Saving model chain progress output to file or to console



I am running Stan models on my university’s computing server (linux system), by submitting a batch file that calls Rscript mymodel.R. Previously when I run rstan on my computer in RStudio, I can check the model chain progress in the RStudio Viewer console. I am wondering now if there is any way I can view my model progress when I run it on the server, or is there any way to write the model chain progress to the console or to a text file?

Thank you very much!


It appears as a text file in the tempdir() of the R process that is running mymodel.R. Usually, the cluster itself is going to have some mechanism to save stdout and stderr. What batch processing software is your server using to run jobs?


The server uses Moab to run jobs. I checked the manual and found the stdout file it saved and I have my chain progress written into this stdout file. So the problem is resolved. Thanks!