Also, the “Math - Upstream - Update Stan” and “Stan - Upstream - Update CmdStan” are now using the stan-dev/ci-scripts repo. Are there other places around that use your stan-scripts repo that I should change over before you delete the repo? If not I think we’re good to go.


Ah. I understand now. There’s a Jenkins plugin that’s active on the machine that should push on any change to config.

Check under plugins. It should have backup in the title. If you can’t find it, let me know and I’ll dig up the plugin when I’m in front of a computer.


Another Travis question - since we build everything on Mac with Jenkins, do we actually need to run it on Travis with OSX and clang as well? They seem to be having trouble with their OSX infra lately and it’s causing long pauses and maybe flakiness so if we truly don’t need Travis to test those, we could turn them off and rely on Jenkins for OSX?


The advantage of travis is that the configuration (.travis.yml) is
simple, widely understood, and stored in the repository.

Also, the fact that travis maintains the OS X build machines strikes me
as important. We don’t have to worry about the Mac server actually
breaking, which it will, eventually.

Maybe pricing out how much travis would charge to prioritize Stan’s
tests/builds would be worthwhile? I suspect the heavy use of their
machines by open source projects is a big part of the flakiness.


I sent Travis support an email to try to figure out what their pricing plans would look like for us. It sounds like you’d be in favor of switching entirely over to Travis and getting rid of Jenkins in that case, is that right? I would love to have just one CI system to deal with, though it would be nice if that system was also fast and stable. Paying for Travis might make that dream come true.


I would be in favor of switching entirely over to travis (or something
very similar).

I emailed the travis people a year or two ago and asked if there was a
non-profit discount. At the time there was not. If the cost of travis is
less than the monthly cost of maintaining that macOS server and
supplying it with electricity we should definitely switch.

I know the Jenkins community is aware of how easy it is to use travis
and similar services – it’s possible there are new features being
developed now. I looked at this issue about a year ago.


Just catching up. We own the server and Columbia provides all the electricity we can suck out of the wall at no marginal charge.

Can Travis run MacOS tests?


Travis can run macOS tests. It’s slow.


@seantalts — any chance we could try this for Stan?


Travis is already running some MacOs tests. It can’t run distribution tests
because they time out and would take much longer. I measured it once, maybe
in this thread or the one in Dev Only.