Where to publish article related an Implementation of spatio temporal ETAS models using RStan


I recently made an implementation for spatio temporal and hypocentral ETAS models using Rstan .
I want to know if there exists a journal related to Rstan modelling or any other journal related to earthquake models prediction for sending our work.

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There is no journal specifically for RStan Modelling. In the even that you’re wrapping this into a package, then perhaps the Journal of Statistical Software could be appropriate (with the warning that people often find that it’s quite a lot of work to get something published there).

Otherwise a methodology journal or an applied stats journal or a domain-specific journal may take it if it’s more than just an implementation. It’s very hard to get an implementation published on its own.

The Stan project also has Case Studies, which are not traditional publications, but more of a “community service”. A recent spatial example would be this: http://mc-stan.org/users/documentation/case-studies/icar_stan.html

To contribute a case study, you need to contact the development team through the forums (as per instructions here http://mc-stan.org/users/documentation/case-studies.html).

There’s Stancon you could try to submit to: http://mc-stan.org/events/stancon2018/ .

If you’re allowed to post stuff publically, then if you post it here people will read it and probably comment on it. If it comes with pretty pictures, all the better :D.

Of course the forum isn’t a journal, so that always complicates what can and can’t be shared :/.

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