Using rstan in a Virtual Environment

I am currently conducting analysis in a highly controlled virtual environment (the data is extremely confidential).

For the past several months I have been using the CRAN version of rstan (2.21.7) inside the VM. Unfortunately, the managers of the VM have recently updated to R 4.2, which means that rstan no longer operates. This is apparently a well-known problem which can be fixed by installing the latest version of rstan.

Unfortunately the managers of the VM are unwilling to install any R package that is not available on CRAN. This means I am unable to install the latest version of rstan which solves the conflict.

Alternatively, I could use a previous version of R. However, the managers of the VM are also unwilling to allow for multiple versions of R within the VM.

Does anyone have any solutions that I can apply to my current installation of rstan that will make it operate with R 4.2. What makes this problem extremely difficult is that nothing can pass from my local computer to the VM, which makes fixes significantly more difficult, as they must be applied within a controlled and permission-heavy VM.

I would be extremely appreciative of any suggestions on this frustrating turn of events. In the end, I just want to use Stan!

This is not my area but I wanted to bump this up so some of other folks will see it.