Unserialize Error Resolves with One Chain


I’ve seen many topics having to do with:

unserialize(socialist[[n]]): error reading from connection.

Many of these topics were resolved by carefully following the instructions for installing RTools. I’ve properly installed RTools (Sys.which(“make”) returns C:\rtools40\usr\bin\make.exe), however I get this unserialize error when I try to fit the following model:

brm(bf(coviewbprop ~ weekend,
phi ~ weekend,
zi ~1,
data = my data, family = zero_inflated_beta(), chains = 4, iter = 2000, warmup = 1000, cores = 4, seed = 1234)

The error goes away as soon as I specify 1 chain and 1 core instead of 4. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!