Stansummary command line options

Operating System: Windows 7
Interface Version: 2.15.0
Compiler/Toolkit: Recommended install following CmdStan User’s Guide

CmdStan Interface User’s Guide chapter 6.3 suggests to me that
stansummary.exe sig_figs=4 csv_file=sum.txt out1.csv
should process file out1.txt and return 4 sig fig results in sum.csv.

However when I run it it returns
File sig_figs=4 not found
File csv_file=sum.csv not found

followed by the results to the default 2 sig fig, so the “options” seem to be being treated as files.

Putting out1.csv first does not help; nor does prefixing options with “-” or “/”; and “help” also appears to be treated as a filename.

What am I missing?

Not a Windows user here, but on Linux it’s:

bin/stansummary --sig_figs=5 --csv_file=out.csv input.csv

Give it a go and see what happens?

That fixes it perfectly thanks!

I don’t think the use of – for options is standard Windows. It is clear from section 4.3, but it might also be worth making explicit in 6.3.

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