StanCon2018_Helsinki Informal Get Together

Hi all,

Since the StanCon2018 in Helsinki is officially over and there are no official plans for getting drinks together tonight, we thought it would be nice to organise an informal get-together for all those remaining in Helsinki tonight. We were thinking about meeting up next to the Vltava restaurant next to central station around 19:30 and find some pub nearby to have some drinks.

We hope to see you there tonight.

Best, Kevin Mildau & Henry Ehlers

PS: Apologies for abusing the discourse for this message; by request of some attendants we post this here to make communication easier.


Still about? Post up a location :)

I’m sorry, didn’t see your message. We were at the Vltava until about 20:30 and left with a small group to another place. Most people had to leave early tomorrow morning so we didn’t stay out very long.

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