SGB managing Stan URLs


First, I’d like to remind the SGB to get ahold of the credentials for managing our URL domain registry (, etc.) I originally registered them personally, but then handed them off to the previous SGB. I just want to make sure we don’t lose our URLs.

Also a question about how to email the SGB. We used to have mail to a Google Group at, but I’m not sure where that’s going.

Hi Bob,

Thank you for bringing this up. I’ll include these two items in the next SGB meeting agenda and send an update about the whether is the same address.

Thank you.

Also, there is more than a little bit of concern about a private equity group buying the entity that has previously given out .org URLs. That transaction is being reviewed for like 30 days or something but the suggestion going around before the delay was to renew all .org domain registrations for 10 years while the prices are still reasonable.