RStudio rstan buildchain Rtools etc etc - maybe some clues

A recurring theme in getting rstan to work smoothly in RStudio seems to be failing to find the toolchain, make or RTools. Personally, this has not stopped me working, but I find that RStudio wants to look for RTools even though I’m using a Mac. When I compile, up pops these two irritating GUI dialog boxes inviting me to install build tools, and if I click “No” twice, then it proceeds as normal. Not a big issue as I use the Mac only for prototyping and getting the code just-so. But recently, I found that if I set save_dso=FALSE in stan_model, then these dialog boxes do not appear and it runs smoothly. The exception is if RStudio decides to recompile “to avoid crashing R”, then the dialog boxes appear. Just thought I’d mention it here in case it:
a) helps anyone with this or more serious problems and
b) gives a clue as to fixing any underlying issues

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