Rstantools - implications of using older dependency versions?


We are currently developing a package that uses a Stan model. In order to include the model in our package we followed the available advice and used rstantools which inserted the following into our description file:

    RcppParallel (>= 5.0.1),
    rstantools (>= 2.1.1),

The problem we have is that we need to run our package on a legacy server that has outdated versions of these packages, specifically it is using:

RcppParallel 4.4.4
rstantools 2.0.0

My question is how important are these package version locks? For example if we simply removed them and used the legacy package versions what would be the implications? Is it likely that it will produce invalid results or is it just specific newer functionality that wont be available ?

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sorry for not getting to you earlier. Unfortunately, I have no idea :-( I guess @jonah or @bgoodri would know more, so hope they have time to answer.