Rstan based package and winbuilder -- out of memory allocating


This turned out to be harder than expected to find a solution that I could make work, but using two stan_files directories (one for 32 bit) is adequate.

ifeq "$(WIN)" "64" 
SOURCES = $(wildcard stan_files/*.stan)
SOURCES = $(wildcard stan_files32/*.stan)


Glad something is working. Did consolidating declarations in generated quantities not work?


I did some but apparently not enough – the file is already obscene, I didn’t really want to turn a lot of meaningful names that other functions may depend on into indices.


This solution fails to take into account 32 bit Solaris, and CRAN is unhappy… I’m at a loss how to modify the makevars to cope with this, any ideas would be great.


Is it necessary to use the stan_files32 directory outside of Windows?

My hope is that g++-5.x on 32 bit solaris is efficient enough to compile what is in stan_files even though g++-4.9 on 32 bit Windows is not. You can try on