Requirements for building the manual?

Is there a wiki or doc anywhere describing the dependencies (presumably some set of latex packages) for building the manual to pdf?

navigate to the top-level stan directory and run the following command:

make docs


Yup, but then I get build errors indicating missing latex packages. I can iterate through, installing what comes up as missing as I encounter errors, but thought I’d check if there was a list somewhere to save time.

Nevermind. I’m on arch & ended up downloading all the tex-related packages that seemed possibly pertinent, and it built thereafter. Here’s what I installed, there’s probably unnecessary stuff in there:


There’s a single style file with all the package includes. So you can get the list from there.

Let me be a little more precise.

/cmdstan/stan(develop)$ grep package src/docs/stan-reference/stan-manuals.sty 
% \usepackage{index}
\usepackage[T1]{fontenc} % needed for |
\usepackage{relsize} % defines \mathlarger
\usepackage[pagebackref,pdfpagelabels,plainpages=false,hypertexnames=true,colorlinks=true,linkcolor=linkcolor,anchorcolor=linkcolor,citecolor=linkcolor,filecolor=linkcolor,menucolor=linkcolor,runcolor=linkcolor,urlcolor=linkcolor,pdfborder={0 0 0}]{hyperref}

and that dangling thing at the top is a conditional test for the font we use (the defaults are terrible for code):

  % ----- if Lucida availalable------------------
  % ------ if Lucida not available --------------

so that’s either lucimatx or times and amssymb.

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I just tried to build the manual on my machine and got it working with texlive by installing

texlive-fonts-recommended .

Thought I’d post it here in case someone else is struggling to build it.

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Does that bring in a Lucida fonts installation? The problem with the manual up to now is that the nice fonts are proprietary, so I always wind up building it. I’m about to move everything over to bookdown format, so that’ll just require R.