Posting more updates in discourse

Hi all. We were discussing how, in the old days of Stan, so many of our discussions about plans and projects were open to all on the stan-dev mailing list. Stan is now bigger, and different people and groups working on lots of Stan-related projects on algorithms, computing, the language, documentation, etc. So I just wanted to encourage everyone who’s working on Stan improvements or Stan ideas to post their plans and progress on Discourse, as a way of keeping our connections open as we grow.

I’ll try to do my best and do this too, so when we have research meetings with interesting Stan-related ideas, I will post short notes on Discourse.


I’ll second this. Our community of users and developers is one of the things that really makes Stan special.

We try hard to keep development discussions open. The old stan-dev mailing list is archived and open. We’ve now shifted to the #stan-dev topic here.

For the @Stan_Development_Team, if we need a different channel that’s focused development talk, we can set that up so that non-devs need approval to post (this was the permissions for the stan-dev mailing list). Otherwise, post on #stan-dev until it becomes an issue.

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