Multi - repository PRs & testing?


Is there some doc what I need to do in order to prepare a multi-repo PR?

So I would like to prepare the PR for the Intel TBB. This PR needs simultaneous changes to math, stan & cmdstan.

I discovered already the “build with parameters” to instruct Jenkins to use different PRs from other repositories. However, I wonder if I also have to change in stan, for example, the math git-ref?

Moreover, can I fix the build parameters somewhere or do I have to manually set these for every test run I want with this custom build?

Tagging @seantalts & @serban-nicusor … feel free to point me to some doc as a shortcut answer if that exists.

Many thanks.



If it’s not documented it would be great to have it documented with procedures. I did some changes that affected multiple repos it was a pain.

It’s been a while but I think you shouldn’t have to change the math ref. Then when it’s time to merge everything we might have to do a manual step still. But yeah, you can test the PR as you’ve found. As far as building the build parameters in, you could modify the jenkinsfile to do that but we would have to change it back after approval and tests pass but before merging.

The long term plan to improve this is the monorepo @alashworth is working on.

hmm… I just changed the default build parameters in the Jenkinsfile, but the displayed build parameters are still empty? I am not sure if that’s really a way to set the default a bit more persistent - or where and how can I check the parameters my job is running with?



to fix the build parameters see:

For changes into other repositories see:

Let me know if I can help you with anything else! :D