Missing data imputation beta distribution

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  • Operating System: Ubuntu 18.04
  • brms Version:2.8.8


I have trouble imputing data for beta distributed variables. It seems that the checks related to bounded distribution are in cause. Here is a simple reproducible exemple :

D <- data.frame(y = rbeta(100,1,1))

D <- rbind(D, data.frame(y = rep(NA, 10)))


brm(y | mi() ~ 1, data = D, iter = 1000, family = Beta)

And the output is :

Error in if (!closed[1] && min(out$Y) <= ybounds[1]) { : 
  valeur manquante là où TRUE / FALSE est requis

Thanks for your help!


Thanks! Should now be fixed in the github version of brms.

It’s working perfectly, thank you very much Paul!