MCMCBayes, a MATLAB framework for Stan, JAGS, BUGS

Operating System:Windows, Linux, Mac
Interface Version:Latest
Compiler/Toolkit:Depends on OS platform

Hello everyone,

I’m reaching out to inform everyone about a platform that I have been working on for many years now called MCMCBayes. It is pretty cool and very extensible and mature enough to solicit feedback from other users. My favorite features include:

  • Automation framework for performing complex sequences
    of diverse MCMC simulations
  • Object-oriented, MATLAB-based front-end for all the popular MCMC samplers
  • Uses standardized *.xml formats for configuration, data input, and result output
  • Supports convergence diagnosis and output analysis and ability to extend with new analysis features
  • Bayesian model averaging and model choice using Bayes Factors

Feel free to reach out with questions and suggestions.