Looking for Statistical Modeling and Programming Specialist at The Equity Engineering Group

E²G|The Equity Engineering Group, Inc. is an employee-owned engineering firm whose focus is providing specialized engineering consulting services for new and aging infrastructure in the refining, petrochemical, chemical, and other industries. Our goal is to develop and transfer technologies that help clients improve safety and profitability by managing risk and maximizing equipment availability while controlling costs.

At E²G, we work together as a team to deliver technical excellence to our clients by approaching new opportunities with curiosity and creativity. E²G fosters an atmosphere dedicated to learning and innovation where entrepreneurial spirit and teamwork thrives. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a recent college graduate, E²G will provide you with unparalleled opportunities to collaborate with world-renowned experts to develop a solid foundation for career growth.

The CorrSolutions Team at E2G has developed state-of-the-art modeling techniques designed to provide improved equipment reliability projections for equipment subject to both internal and external damage mechanisms. This modeling approach will be used in both E2G’s best-in-class consulting services and software products.

Innovations in internet technology are, for the first time, allowing complex engineering calculations that were previously tied to desktop computers or compute clusters to be accessible from any laptop, tablet or mobile phone out in the field. The Equity Engineering Cloud (EEC) is a recent initiative by E2G to deliver our unique engineering calculations to our clients more conveniently by taking advantage of these recent advances.

The CorrSolutions Team will be adding a dedicated Statistical Modeling and Programming Specialist, providing further research, model development, and programming for this exciting new technology. This new Team member will work closely with our Engineering Subject Matter Experts, as well as the Applied Research and Development and Software Development Teams, to bring this patent-pending technology to our clients through consulting and software products delivered through the EEC.

A successful candidate should demonstrate past success at solving complex problems, both independently and in a team environment, and have:

• A Masters of Ph D. degree in engineering, applied mathematics, data science, computer science, or related fields
• Coursework and/or experience with Bayesian modeling
• Familiarity with stochastic solution methods such as Monte Carlo simulation, Markov Chain modeling, inverse analysis, and Bayes Networks
• Scientific programming experience in R & Shiny or Python. Modeling experience in JAGS (BUGS) and Stan is required
• Demonstrated engineering, mathematical or computational problem- solving ability, including the development of custom software solutions
• A proven ability to analyze and solve problems critically and creatively.
• Strong communication, training skills, and technical writing skills
• Project management skills involving the development, management, and documentation of complex projects

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