Quick question, Horners schema of polynoms is not recommended in Stan, example:

4 + x*(3 + x*(6 + x*(10 + x*(1 + x))))

as its expansion in autodiff is less efficient?

True or Not?

You mean compared to

4 + 3 * x + 6 * x^2 + ...


You need to figure out what the expression graphs look like in both cases.

  • Horner’s: multiply-add for each order above zero

  • Canonical: multiply-add and power for each order above zero

But what we really need to know is where is the autodiff:

  • Horner’s: double + var and var * var for each order

  • Canonical: var + var, double * var, and pow(var, double) for each order

My guess would be that Horner’s form will be more efficient. I have no idea which is more numerically stable.