Hexagon Sticker for Stan


OK. I will first wait for further feedback from Stan developers. If someone of your team then gives me the OK, I will contact the Numfocus board. Before that I won’t share the logo anywhere else.


Great logo. Send along to me and I’ll wrangle with the board. breck@alias-i.com




not into the hex thing, but like how you did this.


If this gets approved, you can make the stickers available at http://hexb.in/sticker.html.

If these were available at the Stan store I would buy one.

I haven’t done it before, but I have seen others use StickerMule to distribute r-package related stickers.


We had early discussions about hex stickers but decided not to do one given that Stan is not a purely R product. In particular an RStan hex sticker would be more appropriate, if anything, but we wanted to emphasize the entire project with our stickers.

Keep in mind that the logo is trademarked and so any derivative use of it, even with approval from the NumFOCUS board which controls the trademark, would need to be accompanied by the circle-R registered trademark symbol.

Stickers are hard to sell in a shop because they are too cheap individually but kind of expensive in bulk, hence our distributing them so far only in person. Services like stickermule allow templates to be shared for purchasing stickers in bulk which might be the best option provided that the restrictions discussed in http://mc-stan.org/about/logo/index.html are taken into account.


A look at http://hexb.in suggests that this is not anymore a phenomenon constraint to the R universe.

Once the board agrees I will adjust the hex accordingly.


Not precisely true. Owners of a trademarked logo may, but do not have to, include the circle-R. I’ve seen some argue that failing to include it may impair ability to sue others using it, but this seems to be an old opinion as many brands now don’t bother adulterating their logo for its inclusion. So it would be at the discretion of the numFOCUS board to decide if they actively want it on the logo or not.


Just registering another hex-sticker fan here who would absolutely love to get their hands on a Stan version. (Or, I suppose, another Stan fan who would love to get their hands on a hex-sticker version.)


Many people have also asked for hex stickers for the individual R packages. @ermeel or anyone else interested in designing?


rstanarm and bayesplot? Any graphical suggestions, to start with?

BTW: any consensus on how to use the Stan hex sticker?


Yeah those two definitely (brms already has one).

@breckbaldwin Anything further on this?


(Desperately hoping that these will be available in Helsinki…)


Me too. It’s on my todo list (or actually on the one of my creative partner).
Unfortunately even for the Stan one I’m still awaiting the OK to publish them outside this forum. @jonah any news on this?


For a first draft of a bayeslot hex sticker, see http://discourse.mc-stan.org/t/hex-sticker-for-bayesplot/4616?u=ermeel


Just a suggestion here (to both @ermeel and NumFOCUS): the trajectory bleeding off the sides is meant to imply that it continues forward and backward in time—here that would mean extending the white paths to the border. or just enlarging and cropping at the border.

The trajectory needs to bleed off the sides (behind the border) to imply that it continues forward and backward in time.

Take that as a suggestion—this


Sorry I don’t really get what you try to say. Also the message seems to be incomplete at the end.


Sorry for the incompleteness. That was fat fingering, not something missing.

What needs to happen is that the white arms need to continue right up to (“bleed into”) the dark red hexagonal border. There shouldn’t be a gap of light red between the white and the edge. The goal is to imply that it’s a trajectory that continues forward and backward in time.

The technical term I was using was “bleed”, though here I meant bleeding off the light red background, not over the dark red border. The Wikipedia’s helpful here—even the example is relevant:


Another potential proposal for the base Stan hex sticker:

I’ve taken slight liberties with the logo to extend it off into a white border, as in the round sticker.

(The dotted yellow line is not part of the design – it’s a cutting marker for the printer. This is using the template that Diginate provide for hex stickers.)

I also didn’t know if there was an official font – I’ve used Gill Sans Std here, but that’s easy to change.


I think we have a viable sticker. Thanks @josswright


My pleasure!

Here’s a PDF version of that: stan_edge.pdf (4.3 KB).

I’ve had a few hex stickers printed at Diginate, and they’ve always been very good. They have a blog post about it here that links to the custom-shaped sticker service: http://news.diginate.com/hex-laptop-stickers/