Getting `brms::make_stancode` tests to pass in `devtools::check`, string/formatting quirks?

Hey team, is there any trick to getting tests.make_stancode.R to pass in devtools::check or testthat::test_local?

When I run the tests line by line, they all pass okay, though when run through either of the two checking functions above, they fail on syntactic issues. I.e., spaces around colons, newlines, etc. Specifically from line 2279 down: threaded Stan code is correct.

I saw a note at the top of the script about setting not_cran and then there’s the setup_local_tests.R file but I think that’s just for the modelling tests?

For context, I’m keen to start contributing to the brms package and just wanted to check everything was running/building okay on my machine before working towards any pull requests.

Side note, there’s these two redundant tests after allow more link functions in location-scale models · paul-buerkner/brms@be4c081 · GitHub. Happy to submit a removal after I get above to run:

Thanks heaps, really cool package. And sorry if this has already been asked before, I’m very new to the ecosystem/forums!


Operating System: Windows 10 x64
Interface Version: R 4.1.2, brms 2.16.3 master branch as at commit improve doc of priors for autocorrelation structures #1303 · paul-buerkner/brms@1138efc · GitHub
Compiler/Toolkit: Rtools 4.0, mingw32