Estimating cluster resources

Hello folks,

Would anyone be able to suggest how much memory I should request/estimate on a cluster?

Structurally my data is similar to the long-format sleep study but it has 43,722subject.ids This is my model brm(Log2~time + position + (time| ). -n 2 was also requested.

My report for less than 1% of the full data is:

Resource usage summary:

CPU time :                                      1016.31 sec.
Max Memory :                                 2239 MB
Average Memory :                           311.58 MB
Total Requested Memory :              16384.00 MB
Delta Memory :                               14145.00 MB
Max Swap :                                   -
Max Processes :                             11
Max Threads :                                12
Run time :                                      1073 sec.
Turnaround time :                          1077 sec.

Thanks for your help! Carl[date=2018-06-07 time=19:58 format=“LLL” timezones=“Europe/Paris|America/Los_Angeles”]

If you are doing multiple chains in parallel with forking so that all the RAM gets allocated to the same process, it would be a couple GB per chain.

Thanks! I would also like to ask : Is it possible to use checkpoints on the cluster when running brm?