Maintaining our manuals turns out to be difficult. On one hand it is good to have some live document like a wiki to share knowledge on install instruction for things like MPI, GPU, etc. and on the other we want to version things. Moreover, we currently have the issue that we are not good at keeping up with bumping version numbers in our manuals (an example is the cmdstan 2.18.1 which refers to boost 1.58.0).

So how about we minimize the number of places where versions and installs are kept in the wiki, but we have a script around which copies the wiki pages for that as part of the release into the repositories? We should definetly make things easier to maintain - there is nothing worse than wrong doc!

Maybe @Bob_Carpenter can suggest something based on the stuff done for the manual?


We don’t have a good process for this for the manuals.

I’m not sure how to write such a script to transfer things, but it seems like maintaining that might be even harder than just doing the updates at the moment.