Discuss roadmap draft section on "Interface Package Architecture"

Just breaking out the roadmap thread into a few other threads for each section. This thread is about this section:

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Given that StanAnalyze is independent of the main library, I think (on Python) it could and should be independent package.

So on Python is should be pip installable.

Also, viz stuff is hard to make general, should we still have some page going through recommended plot types? Or atleast have some comments on general plot holes with mcmc (overplotting, usefulness of the traceplot)?

Yeah, the hope that whoever brought up this idea had (was it Jonah?) was that StanAnalyze would be able to be used by PyMC3 and whoever else to do their analyses for effective sample size, rhat, etc without requiring a C++ toolchain or the Stan headers and all the other overhead of the full rstan or pystan package.

Viz stuff is hard! We basically decided that since the visualizations you want to show depend on the model you’re trying to fit, your audience, and the Stan team member currently advising you :P, that we won’t try to set guidelines for it across the org. So I think the idea would be that e.g. @betanalpha can have his own recommended plots that are different from Jonah’s or Ben’s, for example.