Dangling web pages

from the users list:

On Dec 30, 2016, at 1:27 PM, Jon Fawcett jmfawcet@gmail.com wrote:

2: There were 4 chains where the estimated Bayesian Fraction of
Missing Information was low. See

Wow, I didn’t even know there was a page there. It’s
under misc and not linked in from anywhere else. I think
that page should be a Wiki on stan-dev/stan or we should
link it somewhere from doc on the web site and move it up
to doc (we can forward from where it used to be).

  • Bob

No additional content shown in Discourse. I can see only the above line.



I just updated Bob’s original post to include the email contents.

I wrote up the page at http://mc-stan.org/misc/warnings.html (and @bgoodri has added a bunch to it). Ben then added the URL in the various messages emitted by RStan, which I think is a good idea. But we can move the page to wherever you think it should go as long as we leave a copy at the current URL so RStan users aren’t taken to a missing page.

Can you just move this to a Wiki on Stan and link to that?
Then redirect the orphan web page to the Wiki?

  • Bob

Sorry—I still can’t predict what Discourse is going to do with my mail. It just feels like a broken Google Groups from my perspective.

  • Bob

Bob, if you can figure out what’s going wrong with discourse in one or
more cases, I’m happy to write up / to help write up the bug report. I
haven’t encountered any problems so far and I have "Mailing List mode"
turned on.

p.s. Could it have something to do with HTML mail?

I’m not sure what the expected behavior is, so I’m not sure if these are bugs or features:

  1. Things get swallowed like cut and pasted replies.

  2. Things get replaced (fonts, hyphens for bullets, etc.)

  3. Threading doesn’t work consistently in Mac OS X mailer—sometimes the messages thread and sometimes they don’t.

Is there doc somewhere about what’s supposed to happen for (1) and (2)?
I generally hate markup—can’t stand it on GitHub or in knitr; just too
poorly documented and too hard to override to do what you really want.

  • Bob

Threading doesn’t work for me either.

Let’s try pasting something, the following is cut and pasted:

I’m not sure what the expected behavior is, so I’m not sure if these are
bugs or features:

This is some text after cutting and pasting.

Perhaps try turning plain text mode on (for *@discoursemail.com) within
your email client? I found this page, which seems to contain at least a
little bit of useful information:

Here’s another random pasted bit:

Cool. Go for it and then I’ll take a look and make comments on the PR.

And here’s one just coded up with angles (> if that shows up).

foo bar baz
bing blat

This hyphen will turn into a bullet, not that it’s a big deal:

  • Bob

And how’s it deal with numbers. Here are some zeros:

  1. zero
  2. zero
  3. zero

If it’s like other markup, this’ll be 1., 2., and 3. rather than 0. as
I typed.

  • Bob

P.S. I left your original mail below here, just top pasting.

Already on. I hate markup. First thing I do on every system.
Just verified it matches the recommendations in that link.
Yet still the Discourse thing wants to do HTML and overrides
my global preference.

  • Bob

Let’s move the discourse problems to this discussion: Troubles with Discourse