Availability to assist weighting of Coronavirus survey tracking study

We are exploring running a frequent study about Coronavirus in several markets around the world.
the surveys will be conducted telephonically and thus incorporate sample biases.
The reporting will probably focus on proportions of populations that answer in a certain way and how these change. Ideally, reporting will be robust for whichever key sub-populations are of interest.

Most surveys typically use a form of rake-weighting to a target reference population but we have used MRP for other purposes following similar research protocols.
We are interested in researchers that work on appropriate survey weighting and could perform the necessary weighting work across multiple countries on an immediate and frequent basis.
Or at least design and run the modelling to fit this purpose.
Please do advise or put me in touch with appropriate folks to approach.

@lauren seems to be the person to talk to. @andrewgelman knows a thing or two about survey weighting, also.

Yes, I think MRP is the way to go. I’ve been advising people who are doing such surveys; happy to talk with you too.

Thanks me and my team are in Johannesburg, so 6 hours ahead of you. Can we transfer over to email to coordinate a time that works for you?
My email address is bobby@i2ifacility.org