Stan user group in Berlin?!


@vasishth thanks! I’d be happy to do that. Maybe we can even coordinate with Mitzi and Bob if the timing works.


Hi all, thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately we can’t find a date that works for all. Sorry!

But it seems the majority would be ok if we do it Monday 28th at 7pm. So let’s fix that, I would say.

Location wise, @Felix_Fischer, could you check if we can get the room at Friedrichstr., you mentioned?


Hi, I’m sorry, but since i can’t make it on monday, 28th, i can’t organize a room either. :/ best, felix


@tiagocc, could you check if we can get a room? Or are there any other suggestions? Otherwise I will start a search or check if we can host a room at Bayer in Wedding.


Yes, I’ll let you know at the beginning of next week. For how many people show we aim? Number of people registered in the doodle?


I am sorry about this. I went with the majority (see doodle). Let’s make sure next time you can join!

Thanks! Something like that, e.g. I expect 9\pm 3.



So I got us room at the Department of Psychology from the HU at Rudower Chaussee 18, 12489 Berlin for the 28th of May. We have the room from 17h to 21h.

Would this be ok for everyone? If so, at what time should we start?


Excellent many thanks. The location works for me. According to Doodle there is no majority for any of the three proposals 6,7,8 pm, so what about 7pm?


You’re welcome! 7pm sounds good to me.


Hi guys,

7 pm works fine for me, too. Thank you for organizing the first meeting.



Btw: is there a specific room number? Any chance we could get a Beamer?


Our lab just moved to the Psychology department in Adlershof, so I think that I can bring a projector. Thanks for organising the meeting.




So regarding the agenda, I was thinking we could keep it rather informal with no planned talk (unless someone is keen) for the first time. What I would like to do is a round of introduction and allow for everyone to present her/his experiences with Stan and where it is applied. For this part we could use a Beamer (in case we want to look at some slides or papers).

Ideally we would then come up with a plan how to continue, i.e. how frequent will we meet, where will we meet and what is the content of each meeting.

Any further suggestions?

Looking forward to meeting you all.


Sorry for the late reply!

It will be on room 3 106 (new building, 3rd floor) and a beamer is not needed since we have lcd screen show slides etc.

Looking forward!


Sounds like a good plan to me.

We have a screen in the room so everyone who wants to share any slides, paper, video, etc is free to do so.

Looking forward to meet everyone!