Rstan_package_skeleton() error


Hello: My adviser and I spent most of the day working on this. I use ubuntu and he uses windows. Currently, I am able to run the one model “ridge.stan” from unbutu, whereas in windows it is throwing an error and saying m is not found.

That said, the package does build in unbuntu, but am only able to use that one model.

We were hoping to both work on the project, so attempting to resolve this issue. Also, I am not sure why the package would build but the other models not run. I did attempt the R CMD, but was not able to get this to work.


In the latest pull from GitHub, I had to add rstan to the LinkingTo section in the DESCRIPTION. Other than that, it should be fine on any platform as long as both cleanup files are executible and executed, which occurs when you do R CMD BUILD or R CMD INSTALL --preclean.


OK. Two of the models are working now, so think this should work to develop the package.