Problems with rstanarm installation: object 'bayes_R2' not found


Hi all,
I recently updated my computer (windows). And trying to reinstall rstanarm. Rtools and Rstan seem to work, but for some reason rstanarm fails to load. I am getting this error:

error: package or namespace load failed for ‘rstanarm’:
object ‘bayes_R2’ not found whilst loading namespace ‘rstanarm’

I tried reinstalling…

Thank you very much!!!


You may have to do remove.packages("rstanarm") in a clean R session (without autoloading any old objects) and then install.packages("rstanarm") again.


Thank you @bgoodri for you suggestion.
It didn’t work :(
Just to make sure - clean r session is achieved by removing all objects (including hidden objects?)

Any other suggestions?

Thank you!


I have the same problem: After updating my R version to the latest (3.4.3) and re-installation of rstanarm I get the same error message as @Asher. I tried the remove.packages as proposed by @bgoodri but again, it did not work out (same error message). Rtools and Rstan work properly…

Any other suggestions?


OK. so I found a solution.
Apparently I had a R folder in Documents that remained after uninstalling. Also I found 3 other files in my Document folder that were associated with R.
I deleted this folder as well as these files and then reinstalled rstanarm. This did the trick.
Basicly I think removing rstanarm alone was not enough. One needs to remove all packages that the rastanarm requires. After deleting this folder, installing rstanarm installed many other dependent packages.
@Yve If when you reinstall rstanarm package you are only downloading and installing rstanarm (8mb) then you probably did not remove all dependent packages.


Thank you @pete - that worked for me.
I reinstalled rstantools and rstanarm (just using the “usual” procedure via remove.packages(“rstantools”) and reinstalled both packages. Rstanarm is now working - so maybe the newer version of rstantools also made the trick for @Asher.