#include in stan 2.16



While the stan user manual allows #include I wasn’t able to include from cmdstan. Is it not implemented yet?



What was the problem error message (if there was any)?

Remove all the whitespace (from the line) before the #include.


And everything after the .stan at the end, such as comments. Also, make sure there is no whitespace in the path.


Thanks, it fixed.


We’ll be updating the behavior to be more flexible soon. My bad in not supporting the R syntax Ben came up with for RStan the first time.


Yep, I still have problems. I have 4 models and use include. Sometimes
it goes fine but sometimes it dumps all include file and gives error
whitespace end of file. I really want to have in includefile two blocks
that are common for all the modules:
functions {

data {

but ended up having in main:
functions {
#include fun.stan
data {

since I was unable to have second include - it said that include file is
not found.



Are you using CmdStan or one of the other interfaces?


CmdStan. Sorry, I intended to put it on the subject line…